Covachem/LCMS Grade Water/17411-4x4/4 x 4 Liters
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Covachem/LCMS Grade Water/17411-4x4/4 x 4 Liters

LCMS Grade Water Product Description

CovaChem's LCMS Grade Water is exceptionally refined for optimal performance in mass spectrometry applications. This product is submicron filtered, lot tested for optimal performance in LCMS positive and negative ionization modes, and contains exceptionally low metals concentrations, and very low ultraviolet absorbance values.

Package Sizes: 1 Liter, 4 Liters and 4 x 4 Liters

Product Numbers: 17411-1, 17411-4, 17411-4x4

Product Name: LCMS Grade Water

Alternative Names: LCMS Water; LCMS Grade H2O; LCMS H2O; Water for LC/MS


Appearance: Clear, Colorless Liquid

LC/MS Gradient Suitability Test: To pass test

Residue after evaporation: 1 ppm max

LCMS Positive Mode (as Resperpine): 50 ppb max

LCMS Negative Mode (as Aldicarb): 50 ppb max

Total Halogens: Not Detected

Proteases: Not Detected

Optical Absorbance (210 - 280 nm): To pass test

Aluminum (Al): 10 ppb Max

Barium (Ba): 10 ppb Max

Cadmium (Cd): 10 ppb Max

Calcium (Ca): 10 ppb Max

Chromium (Cr): 10 ppb Max

Cobalt (Co): 10 ppb Max

Copper (Cu): 10 ppb Max

Iron (Fe): 10 ppb Max

Lead (Pb): 10 ppb Max

Magnesium (Mg): 10 ppb Max

Manganese (Mn): 10 ppb Max

Nickel (Ni): 10 ppb Max

Potassium (K): 10 ppb Max

Silver (Ag): 10 ppb Max

Sodium (Na): 20 ppb Max

Tin (Sn): 10 ppb Max

Zinc (Zn): 10 ppb Max

Recommended Storage: Room Temperature, protected from excess light


Properties Physical State: Solid

CAS#: 7732-18-5

Chemical Formula: H2 O

Molecular Weight: 18.02

Melting Point: 0 °C (Lit)

Boiling Point: 100 °C (Lit)

Country of Origin: USA

Tariff Code: 2853.00.0095