Covachem/4-carbethoxyhexafluorobutyrl chloride (4-CB)/12207-10/10 grams
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Covachem/4-carbethoxyhexafluorobutyrl chloride (4-CB)/12207-10/10 grams
4-carbethoxyhexafluorobutyrl chloride (4-CB) is an alkylation reagent used to derivatize samples for improved gas chromatographic separations. 4-CB can be used to derivatize amphetamine metabolites in blood samples prior to GC analysis.

Package Sizes: 5 x 1 gram and 25 grams

Product Numbers: 12207-5x1 and 12207-25

Product Name: 4-carbethoxyhexafluorobutyrl chloride (4-CB)

Alternative Names: 4-carbethoxyhexafluorobutyrl chloride; 4-CB


Appearance: Clear, colorless liquid

Purity: is ≥ 99%

Storage: 4 °C, protected from moisture

Properties Physical State: Liquid

CAS#: 18381-53-8

Chemical Formula: C7H7ClF6O2

Molecular Weight: 223.08

Boiling Point: 159 °C (Lit)

Specific Gravity: 1.596 (Lit)